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5 Reasons we Love Plus Size Wrap Dresses

If a plus size wrap dress is not a staple in your closet, you probably have not found your match. The truth is, whether you are rocking a plus size maxi wrap dress or a short wrap dress with sleeves, there is a style for you.

We’ve condensed our favorite things about plus size wrap dresses, but the list doesn’t end there.


Plus Size Wrap Dresses are Flattering


The allure of a wrap dress is that it ties at the torso and flows under making it a go-to dress for those that appreciate a loose fitting dress. This style can be used across a number of plus size dress lengths; you can find the shortest cut or one that hits the floor.

In addition to cinching at the waist, wrap dresses accommodate for boobs. Small boobs, big boobs, all boobs are treated fairly in a wrap dress. Being able to adjust the chest area is a great style hack and allows for you to wear a real bra. Forget the days of having to bare your bra straps to ensure a flattering fit.

Many of us are scared to show our arms, which is another reason why you’ll be pulling for the wrap dress at your next event. The sleeves range from flowy short sleeve, mid-length to long sleeve and many more styles in between.


Can be Customized to your Personal Size


One size does NOT fit all. With dresses, you want to feel comfortable knowing that everything is where it is supposed to be and comfortable.

With plus size wrap dresses, you are able to adjust the wrap from looser to tighter depending on where it lands. A good thing to keep in mind for wrap dresses as well is that not all wraps  are the same! Some may land higher, some lower, so make sure if you’re ordering online to read the reviews or check that return policy to make sure it is your true fit. Do not be discouraged if you’re a wrap dress lover, but one doesn’t look as good as the other, it is the style that can usually be adjusted!


Can Be Dressed Up or Down


A wrap dress is a perfect option for plus size business casual that gets you through happy hour and more. Since you have options on styles of wrap dresses, you can find an appropriate length for any occasion. Brunch with the gals? I bet more than one will be showing up in a wrap dress.


You can also find formal plus size wrap dresses for a wedding, event or a date night. Wear your plus size tights underneath for added comfort and style and you’re ready to go! The beauty of wrap dresses is that you can be barefoot, rocking sneakers, or pairing your favorite wide heels. The shoe option helps determine how formal you are wanting to make your look. 




Fashion legend goes that Diane von Fürstenberg invented the now iconic wrap dress in 1973/74, but it is hard to know for sure. But, what we do know, 1970s or not, the dress has made it against the test of time.

While the hairstyles have changed, women are still rocking fashionable wrap dresses at every occasion. While the trend is not new, you can be trendy in a wrap dress depending on the print, material, color, etc. This is where you can rock a crisp white wrap dress for a summer party, or a velvet material in a darker color for an evening event.




One thing we love about dresses in general is it's an outfit you can toss on and you’re ready to go. Wrap dresses are no exception, you can buy an affordable plus size wrap dress and then your outfit is complete!

As mentioned, the shoe choices are practically endless, but that includes accessories as well. You do not need a fancy bag to pair if your dress has a fabulous print, chuck your goods in your best friends purse and call it a night!

We could go on and on, but the main points are that plus size wrap dresses are flattering, will always be in style, can be worn to a number of events and are affordable without looking cheap. 


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