It's so hard to find plus size brands and clothing manufacturers that make sustainable plus size clothing. 

A lot of well known plus size brands are fast fashion brands that have unethical labor practices in order to keep their production costs low. This often means using child labor or having garment makers work in extremely poor conditions for over 14 hours a day.

Cleo Short Sleeve Midi Dress In Spot - Dani Marie

This is why we started Dani Marie, because we want to provide a plus size offering that is:





Our promise to you


Our mission is to create plus size clothing that does not damage the environment.

We use fabric that is made from natural fibres, using organic and recycled materials wherever possible. 

We never use polyester or synthetic fabrics for our clothing.

Our timeless, feminine modern classics are made to be worn again and again. We believe in slow fashion. 

Although our fabrics are made from natural fibres, our sourcing and buyer power as a start-up brand hindered by the pandemic, means that some of our fabrics aren’t as environmentally friendly as we would like them to be.

However, we are continuously improving our design and sourcing so that we can work towards being a 100% sustainable clothing line.

We are excited to keep you posted with this progress.

Finally, our packaging is made from recycled plastic and the tags are made from 100% recycled paper and string.


Our clothing is manufactured at a family run factory in India. We ensure that all our garment makers are paid a fair and generous wage with good working conditions. 

We will never work with suppliers that use child labor.

As we grow, we will help them to expand their operations too. We care deeply for the welfare of every person that helps to bring Dani Marie to life.


We want beautiful, environmentally friendly and ethical plus size clothing to be available for everyone.

So if that means we make less of a profit on each item to ensure the dresses can remain affordable, then so be it.

As our dresses are made with natural fibres and produced ethically as well as in small quantities, they will naturally be priced at a more mid-range level. These aren't 'cheap and affordable' dresses, they are quality, sustainable and affordable.