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How To Dress Sustainably

Sustainable fashion is something that is close to our hearts especially as we want to be able to live greener and more environmentally friendly lives. In this blog, we want to share our top tips for how you can dress more sustainably.

Create a timeless capsule collection

Fast fashion and ever-changing trends are key reasons why the fashion industry is the most polluting sector in the world. So our top tip for how to dress sustainably is to ditch the trends and instead create a capsule collection that’s timeless, classic, and includes items that you’ll wear again and again.

We love the 30 Wears test, next time you click 'proceed to checkout' ask yourself if you are going to wear that dress/top/jacket at least 30  times. If you are, great, get it in the bag. If not… well think about it this way: 

We swapped the number 50 with 30 for the test, it feels like a more achievable goal.

Learn how to fix your clothes...or find a good tailor

What do you do when you wear out a pair of leggings? For most of us the answer would be, go out a buy a new pair. Except that’s not a very sustainable option. 

It’s much better for the environment (and your bank balance) to grab a needle and thread and stitch up the hole in your leggings. Or if the problem is worse than just a few stitches, finding a tailor who can fix your clothes for you may still be a cheaper option than buying new.  


Be informed 

They say knowledge is power and when you are wanting to dress sustainably, the more you know about your clothes and the place you are buying them from the better. 

When discovering a new clothing brand we really recommend checking out the about us section and reading about the companies values, where the factories are and what their production practices are. 

Our second top tip for being informed is checking the label and seeing what fabric the clothes are made from. As a general rule of thumb, natural fibres are much more sustainable than synthetics-  except cotton which is often grown with a lot of pesticides so look for organic cotton. 


Donate your unwanted clothes and buy second hand

If your closet is piling up with clothes that you don’t wear anymore, got bored of, or just don’t fit, don’t throw them away, donate them! 

Whether you take them to a second-hand store or sell them online giving your clothes a new life is a great way to be more sustainable. 

What’s better, why not buy second hand or pre-loved clothes. Recycling old threads is not only greener but much cheaper too and you can find some real bargains at the thrift store. 


Quality over quantity 

Invest in pieces for your wardrobe. We all know that sustainable clothing can be more expensive but to reduce your carbon footprint it’s worth investing in high quality clothes that are timeless and will last you for years.

Dani Marie dresses on a clothes rail with co-founder standing behind in soft focus

Look after your clothes so that they last longer

Hands up, who looks at the care instructions on your clothes? Do you know what all those symbols even mean?  

If you’ve ever put your woolies in the wash only to find that its shrunk by like 5 sizes you’ll know how important it is to wash your clothes at the right temperature, hand wash or dry clean only and not put some things in the tumble drier. 

By looking after your clothes you can make sure that they look their best for longer. 

What are you doing to live a more sustainable life?

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