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Spring Outfit Ideas From Maya, Diana and Kayla

I think the Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It's the season of hope, especially this year after what has felt like a very long and dark winter because of the relentlessness of the global pandemic.

Now that vaccinations are well underway and states are opening up again, we can finally start planning outfits we've been dying to wear all winter!

Loungewear is comfy and perfect for relaxing at home, but what gets us really excited is a beautifully put together outfit that we can show off our style and feel gorgeous in!

Now if you've put on weight during lockdown and are feeling self-conscious, you are not alone. We've heard many of our Instagram community describe feeling low in confidence because of weight gain.

Please don't be hard on yourself! We've been through a once in a generation pandemic, a traumatic global event that has shaken so many of us to the core. 

The most important thing you can do right now is to be kind to yourself. Whether you're accepting your bigger curves or you want to lose some weight, the first step to happiness is thinking kind thoughts about your body.

The second step to happiness is treating yourself to some new spring outfits. Maybe in a larger size than before, but so what! 

Size is just a number and if you've gone up a dress size, don't think "i don't deserve these new clothes because I've put on weight." - this is literally the time when you need new clothes. 

Wearing clothes that fit you properly will make you feel much better and more confident than clothes that are too small, and that's a fact.

So we've turned to three of our favorite plus size influencers, @maya.esthetic @diana.dares and @kaylaloganblog to show us how they're styling their Dani Marie dresses with a beautiful smile and a big dash of self-confidence.

Check out their looks here:

Spring Outfit #1

plus size wrap dress blush pink

The Gabrielle wrap dress is a versatile and figure flattering style, that can be tied and adjusted in multiple ways to fit you the way you like. With long flowy sleeves, you'll have lots of coverage and no tightness on your upper arms. 

The Gabrielle wrap is available in blush (pictured), black and blush spot.

Shop the Gabrielle here. Available in sizes 14 - 26.

As worn by @maya.esthetic 

Spring Outfit #2

Now that the warmer weather is here, the Eva dress in blush spot is the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe and the swing dress style flows over bellies and bumps with grace. Pair with some chub rub shorts, a cute bag and some big sunglasses for a comfy and stylish look.
The Eva dress is available in blush spot (pictured), blush and black.
Shop the Eva dress here. Available in sizes 14 - 26.
As worn by @diana.dares

Spring Outfit #3

plus size midi dress spring

Our best selling Cleo dress had to be included in this style edit. The shirred top is super stretchy and versatile for every body type. Whether you've gained a lot of weight or you're losing some weight, this dress will stretch or shrink to fit you at every version of your body. 

With flowy sleeves and a cute kick skirt, this midi dress is perfect for Spring and boosting your confidence again.

The Cleo dress is available in blush spot (pictured), blush and black.

Shop the Cleo dress here. Available in sizes 14 - 26.


As worn by @kaylaloganblog


I hope you liked this post! Which of these is your favorite look?

Love Dani xx

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