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Dani Marie's US Travel Diary Part 2: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Today, the day of the Jazz Fest we were up and out early to make the most of our time. I wre my paisley Jamie dress as not only was a great choice because its lightweight but also super comfy, moves well and is easy to wear - ideal for an all day festival. I then paired the dress with my Snag Tights Chub Rub shorts in Builders Tea and wide fit Starlight shoes from Hotter.

To get free parking at Jazz Fest, arrive early enough and you might just find a spot in City Park. This was also our destination to find the Singing Oak. This grand oak tree just set back from the NOLA Museum of Art includes an installation of windchimes that give the oak it name. 

All was calm when we arrived but a breeze quickly picked up and the tree started to sing. The windchimes are all tuned on the pentatonic scale - used a lot in West African music- and it was absolutely magical and so serene.   

There is a shuttle bus that will take you from the park to the festivals racecourse setting but we opted to walk where we could gawk at the architecture, breathe in the scent of jasmine flowers and stop for an iced coffee. Fair Grinds was a super unexpected yet delicious find and is totally about celebrating Fair Trade coffee. Hands down the best coffee we had on our US tour trip.

The first stage as we entered the Jazz Fest was the gospel tent where we stayed for a few beats of whole choral music before heading on over to the festival tent to catch Mia Border's set. 

One thing I had heard to look out for at the Jazz Fest was the impromptu parades and the marching bands that brought the carnival vibes to our walk on over to the Rock and Roll stage. 

From country to blues, heritage big band jazz and gospel we were treated to a whole world of music genres and I was living for it. An absolute highlight for me though was another impromptu find. This time of the drag variety  - totally hilarious.




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