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Dani Marie’s top destinations for plus size travellers

I love traveling, seeing new places, and finding out about different cultures as much as the next person but I’m sure you can relate, traveling as a plus-size person just hits differently. 

Whether it’s plastic loungers that will definitely break as soon as I look at them, when you ask for a towel at the hotel and are expected to dry your whole self with a literal napkin, or maybe it’s the fatphobic comments following you around the resort - not exactly the dream vacay you planned. Check out our recommendation of some of the best travel destinations for plus-size travelers.

We have two top tips for you before you start planning your next holiday:

1. Fat acceptance is not exactly destination-based and it comes down to the people, both locals and tourists, and even the activities you do on vacation. So while some countries may have reputation of being fatphobic (cough France cough) it’s not the same everywhere.

2. Find out about the countries’ culture.  Beauty standards in some countries are so much more accepting of our plus-size bodies. It’s even celebrated in lots of places like some African countries, Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti.


West Caribbean countries just like Jamaica are often really accepting of plus-size bodies so it’s a great place to go to soak in the atmosphere and have the best time on the iconic beaches. ​​ Love this stunning pic of @sankofasoul looking sweet as suger cane.

Lady standing in the Jamaican sea wearing a bikini


Albanians are super chill and accepting of all body types which is not only refreshing but totally puts you at ease too so you can fully relax. There’s epic history, stunning scenery, and gorgeous beaches too so while Albania might not be the typical resort on your list but if you love exploring we think it’s a great destination for plus size travellers.

We’ve packed the black Kristina dress for a spot of sightseeing in Albania plus our anti-chafe shorts to keep the chub rub at bay.

Las Vegas

Confidence for all sizes is catching and you can find it by the bucket load in Las Vegas. With really great hospitality and a 24/7 ‘I’m on vacation’ vibe, Las Vegas is a perfect party destination and they have great aircon too!  How beautiful does @curvyantoinette look in this bright and bold pic.


Poland is a super friendly place and if you are looking for an accessible city break, we love Wroclaw. The small city is easy to get around on foot but there’s a tram too and loads of museums to get your culture fix. We love this gorgeous pic of @KirstyLeanneTravels in Wroclaw



Kenya and Morocco are two African countries where being plus-size is not just accepted, it’s celebrated and you might actually get hit on...a lot.

Modesty is a big thing in Morrocco so it’s the ideal place to wear your new kimono, kaftan or sarong and feel welcomed and like you fit in, not out of place. We're loving the 50 shades of blue and sunshine vibes from @sy_nextstop.

We love the Cleo in blush for meandering the streets of Marrakech. It’s midi length is ideal respecting the modest way the locals dress and it’s super flowy and light which is ideal in the hot weather. 


The final travel destination for plus-size travellers that we want to talk about is Fiji. It’s easy to get lost in island time in this sunny paradise where plus-size bodies are accepted. We're literally obsessed with this incredible shot for @thetravellingattorney


The sunshine state is a great place to vacation all year round and great travel destinations for plus-size travellers. We love Florida for the party vibes and as if we needed anymore excuse to book our plane ticket like right now...errm there’s Disney! 

The blush spot Eva dress is the perfect beach cover up. It’s cute, playful and perfect for keeping your shoulders out of the sun. 

Where are your best travel destinations for plus-size travellers?  We’d love to hear about recommendations.

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