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Behind The Scenes At Dani Marie The Label

Want to know how and why Dani Marie The Label was created? We're all about being transparent at DM; from our ideation, creation, production and shipping, we want to show you every step of the way!

We want you to believe in Dani Marie as much as we do. We want you to feel good about shopping ethically for sustainable plus size fashion.

How did we get started?

We noticed there was a lack of beautiful, timeless plus size fashion that is also ethical and sustainable. To combat the fast fashion industry, we wanted to create clothes that will last years as well as transcend all the trends!

Our next steps were to see what plus size women were looking for in dresses and a new brand. We interviewed 1000+ people to get their feedback and preferences.

And then, boom! We're here. Yes, there is a lot more behind the process of creation, but don't you worry, we'll share that all with you! But to keep this intro article short, let's go behind the scenes of creating Dani Marie The Label...



The First Shipment

After months of designing, redesigning, ordering, picking fabrics, and so much more, we received our photoshoot samples!



Our First Photo Shoot

While we are primarily selling to a US audience, we have a base in Sydney, Australia, so our photoshoots were done down under. The clothes were then shipped on over to Chicago office where all of the shipments will come from.



Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

As a small brand, we sourced all of our own accessories to pair with our dresses. We hired a freelance photographer, models and picked a spot to shoot that we knew would have beautiful scenery and lighting.



 Get. That. Shot.

Now to the really fun part: the actual photoshoot! We were so lucky to have the most amazing models and photographer capture the beauty we imagined when designing our Dani Marie dresses.




Now onto the ordering... we are currently prepping for our first drop! The first Dani Marie collection will be available SO SOON. Stay tuned to hear how that goes in our next behind the scene blog or check it out on Instagram!


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