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5 Classic and Trendy Plus Size Bloggers To Follow

What makes a good plus size blogger? We want to feel inspired, confident and gain good fashion tips from those we follow. Since it is literally our job to be on social media all day communicating with these bloggers, we want to share with you 5 Classic and Trendy Plus Size Bloggers to follow.

We’ve sifted through thousands of bloggers and these are just a few of our favorites that we think you would benefit from following.


Note Blair

Blair is someone we’ve followed for awhile; her feed is the definition of aesthetically pleasing which is a beautiful reflection of her life. If you’re someone that appreciates beautiful interior design with clothing that is so classic it will last a lifetime, Blair is your girl!


Hayet Rida

Hayet would classify as a mixture of “classic trendy” in our opinion; she stays on top of plus size fashion trends while taking a classic twist making her wardrobe timeless. Seriously, we go through her Instagram and are shocked to find while yes it is a new trend, it seems so effortless on her and like she has owned it forever!



Liv by Viv

Dr. Vivian will be your go-to gal when it comes to classic, colorful fashion. She is constantly brightening up our feed with her looks. She is also always sharing the wealth when it comes to fashion; she links almost all of her outfits and offers advice on fashion.



JD Series

With Jazmine, you’re not only going to get trendy fashion sense. She is constantly supplying us with creative content that sparks instant joy on our feed! If you’re lucky enough to be living in New Orleans, Jazmine will also supply you with all the trendies brunch spots and outfits to wear there.


Renee Marie

Calling all of our West Coast Fashionistas! Renee will be your go to when it comes to staying on trend on a budget and looking fab while doing so! She was one of the earliest bloggers we saw rocking cute matching loungewear - she is worth paying attention to!


Let us know what other plus size bloggers we should be following! You can DM us on the Dani Marie Instagram and we'll be sure to get back to you!

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